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"As the parent of an older child with developmental disabilities, I always want to encourage parents with children under the age of 3 that are showing any signs of developmental issues to aggressively seek early intervention services. Whether a child has a diagnosis or is simply at risk of delays, research shows that early intervention can significantly impact the child and the family by providing knowledge, practical strategies, and encouragement that will result in beneficial outcomes. Looking back on my own child’s life, I can clearly see that the early intervention program we participated in was tremendously helpful to her…and to me. I learned about developmental stages, ways to help my child in her everyday life, how to measure her progress, and how important my role was in her struggle to make gains. The years before age three present important opportunities for us to make a difference in the long-term picture of our children's futures – don’t miss the chance to offer your child all you can!"

Cindy Smith, Proud Mom to Anna Kate Smith, age 17

Both of my boys have received PT services from Sunshine Pediatric Therapy. Jaclyn and Katie are phenomenal and I always recommend them to anyone I know in need of pediatric therapy services. I especially love the convenience of them coming to our home. Our whole family has gotten to know them and be involved in the treatment process, and I can't say enough good things about our experience!

Anna Potter

I cannot say enough positive things about our Physical Therapists, our treatment & positive outcome from working with Sunshine for my son’s severe torticollis. As a new Mom being told my newborn was going to need PT was overwhelming but the kindness, professionalism & individualized treatment plan we received was amazing. Our therapists worked with our schedule & became part of our family. I cannot recommend them enough & I am forever grateful that we were able to receive treatment from them vs. having to go to a clinic setting. I am proud to report that after hours upon hours of tummy time, daily exercises and stretches & 3 helmets for plagiocephaly, my son is a thriving 2 year old with full range of motion.

Brooke Mills

We have had a wonderful experience working with our fantastic PT's, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Gena, at Sunshine! They both bring so much experience and knowledge to their work and have a real heart for serving children. Thank you for all that you do to help our little ones!

Michelle Chaff

"Compassionate about the children and their families"

June Roberson

Jaclyn Maxwell was my final physical therapist. From the age of six months I, a in-

utero stroke survivor, had been going to different physical as well as occupational

therapists to help me gain better motor function and daily living skills that I still use

now at age 21. I could lie and say all my therapists had an impact on me, but there’s

no lie in the statement I’m about to make.

Miss Jaclyn was the one who had the most impact on me then, and she still does.

Here’s why – as a child like many fellow stroke kids I saw therapy as the bane of my

existence (a bit of a dramatic sentiment here but hang with me). I went to therapy at first six days a week as a younger child but by the time I met Jaclyn I was down to

once a week and grudgingly went. I was 13 when I met Jaclyn, who at the time was

24 then so I saw myself as far from her in an age gap but she proceeded to prove me wrong as we got to know each other.

When I first started seeing her for therapy, I was crazed with the Twilight obsession

that had overtaken middle schools to the point where I had a little Edward Cullen

(the main vampire I was hopelessly in love with) that I would carry with me 24/7…

no lie. One of my enduring memories of therapy with Jaclyn involved a game in

which she would hold my little Edward Cullen and have me reach for it with my

weaker left hand and then have me reach over and give him back to her so we could repeat the exercise.

It’s been almost a decade since I met Jaclyn and I’m long graduated from therapy but to say I’ve forgotten her like I have forgotten the everyday ins-and- outs of our

therapy sessions as the years go on and the carousel of time goes on moving me, her, and everyone forward is absolutely a great untruth.

As I’m writing this in my room at college as a junior a song called “Brave” by Sara

Bareilles is playing and I find it so incredibly fitting as Jaclyn was one of the people

who taught me about having the courage to move forward along with the drive to

accomplish my goals: both short and long term. I’m often told that I’m courageous

and one of the reasons I don’t buy that is my definition of courage is very different

from many people.

Courage is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, “The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.” Surviving a stroke when applied to this definition is not living with courage to me as it might be to some. To me, Jaclyn and all she stands for as a therapist and thus her willingness to offer everything she can to help the kids she treats demonstrates much more courage than I ever see myself capable of. In a society where so many are growing more and more weary of people different from themselves Jaclyn’s a beacon of the few who hold the value of helpfulness high and in my short time with her in my very crucial teenage years her it was she who made me realize I need to do the same if I wished to stand for what she did. She’s a role model.

Sadly, I’ve been long graduated from therapy like I mentioned earlier but for parents of younger stroke kids I absolutely would say take your child to see Jaclyn if you’re considering it. I can go on and on about how amazing and important what she does is as well as she herself is but that’d take at least 300 pages. She will change the way your child views his or her therapy experience for the better and along the way she might impact them as much as she did me.

Helon D., age 21; former patient

Working with this team of amazing women is one of the best things that  has happened to my family!   My twins were born very early with a whole lot of health issues.  We started PT with Sunshine as soon as they came home from the hospital--and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  We've worked very hard for months and months and my boys have gone from being very weak and  behind developmentally to being strong and capable kiddos. 


One of my sons has CP and he could barely move his arm or open his fist when he came home from the hospital.  Thanks to Sunshine and their dedication and knowledge (as well as their coaching of me so I was able to work with him too) now my son is able to do so much with his arm and hand.


Jaclyn, Celia, Camille and Sarah are some or the kindest, talented and hard-working people I have met.  If you are looking for a team of therapists who will cheer for and love your kiddos, these are the gals for you.


We are so lucky to have them as part of our family!

Jenna K, Mother to thriving twin boys

Sunshine Is the BEST!! My son has been receiving physical therapy from them for over six years and we say cannot enough about their level of compassion, competency, and dedication - they are simply wonderful!

Kim B.

We have been thrilled with the PT our son has received at Sunshine! Jaclyn and Rhett are fantastic! They are always making therapy fun for our son, creating new ways to mix things up every week while targeting specific muscle areas. They give us things to work on at home and are so accommodating with our schedule (and even our need to go virtual at times). We have seen tremendous progress and success win meeting our sons PT goals! We couldn't be happier.

Jennifer G. 

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